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Parent Day menu – Venition Club

Celebrating parent day but not sure where to go for dinner? Perhaps here is another option for you, Parent Day menu at the Venition Club Kepayan. I’ve got invited to have an early taste on their menu and I personally liked their soup and the Smoke duck in Hot & Cold Combination. This menu suitable for 10 pax and currently they’re offering an early bird price at RM555 where normal price is at RM655.

For booking you can get in touch with them on Facebook or Whatsapp them at 016-6963800

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Justin Lewis – Oh Kinabalu MV is now out

After almost a month of planning and coordinating then few days of shooting at a various location around Sabah, editing the video with back and fort for the final look of the film.. now it is finally out. A song inspired by the Mount Kinabalu written and sang by Justin Lewis himself and together with ButodBassman a composer of the song, they’ve created a masterpiece. Here is the video below and I hope you enjoy it.

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New Jollence Lee blog

Hello and whats up every body. Welcome to my first post on this newly formed blog I added into my website. I will be sharing my thought and travel experiences in this website with you guys. Beside having my vlog on my Youtube channel which sometimes slow in posting but I will try to make it up by posting often in there but this blog is gonna be more fast and convenient for me to just make a quick post. The pandemic is slowly recovering now which where some countries already go into endemic status which is very good for us to start traveling again. Be sure to visit often here for latest update. Thank you for your supports 🙏

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