Website Designing

Hire us to design your website for your business or personal. A contract form will be made and signed by both side before the designing work start.


The cost of designing works depend on the website specifications ask by the client. Client are advice to discuss with us of the website specification so we can calculate the total cost of the designing work. This will be a one time payment only except when client decided to change the design in the future then it will be a different charges. Designing cost ranging from RM1,500 to RM8,000+ depending on design and numbers of pages.

Monthly/yearly rent

Client are responsible to pay the yearly rent for their domain name and hosting space. This will not be included in the designing cost.

Image use

We don’t encourage our client to use images that they found on the internet to be use on their website. Most images on the internet are copyrighted and without a written permission, the owner of the artwork can file a lawsuit. We do provide a photography services if the client need a new images for their business website at discounted price. Charge separately from the designing work.