How to get your own website. smoothie recipe green smoothie recipe green Some people who are not so tech savvy having a hard time to find out how to own a personal/profesional website. I wrote this post as basic guideline how is the green smoothy and the procedure of top green smoothie recipes and of building a website. […]

Nikon D600 Expected To Be Release

I found this photo on the net where it lead to the link of Chinese forum. Nikon might release another camera the D600. It is look very real to me. A fullframe sensor on a D7000 like body. So its gonna be a small FX camera from Nikon. I haven’t […]

How to shoot Sunset with seawaves

Let me explain how I took the shot above. Taking picture of a sunset can be very tricky when it come to adding a foreground in the shot. If you metered your camera to the sky, foreground will come out underexpose and dark. But if you metered on the foreground, […]

© copyright sign on Mac OS and Window PC

Some of you might already know this but for some who don’t know how to bring out the © symbol on Mac OS you simply hit Option key+G to bring this © out. On Window PC keyboard it is Alt+04521 (press hold alt key then press the number )

White Balance Change with Curves on Jpeg photo.

Shooting in RAW gives you the ultimate flexibilities to change camera setting on your computer after you take the image. But how about if you shootit in Jpeg? Can I change the White Balance? The answer is yes you can, but you have to do it manually and you must […]

Guide to Creating Startrail images.

The first time I seen a startrail image on a big poster, it captivated me. It makes me wonder how on earth did they do that? So I went to my friend called “Google” and find out how to shoot startrail. That time in 2006 I own a Nikon digital […]

Atkinson Clock Tower what is hepatotoxicity

The Atkinson clock tower at the drugs liver and the signal hill in Kota Kinabalu just finish renovated so I went back to shoot some photos of toxins in the signs of unhealthy liver and the liver and of the toxic hepatitis causes and the clock tower while it still […]

Photographer: Mark Louis Benedict

A photographer and tour guide who based in Sandakan. He captured many amazing wildlife images. You can check out his website at 

South Sea Sanctuary Spa

South Sea Sanctuary are an award winning Boutique Spa in Kota Kinabalu. Won the Tourism Award Best Spa Experience 2011. I redesign their new website due to their old site was a flash base web, most idevices cannot view their website. The design I made for them are able to […]