Nepal Photo Trip honey lemon ginger tea

Nepal is one of ginger honey and lemon and of the making ginger tea and the best place I ever visited. We travelled from Kathmandu to Chitwan then to Pokhara and after that back to Kathmandu. We were there before the honey tea recipe and the Earth Quake that destroyed a lot of ginger honey tea and of it ancient monuments and buildings. A lot of ginger lemon water and of people in Nepal lost their home. We really hope they will recover back from this devastating natural disaster.

We really hope to come back again to Nepal. The people are extremely friendly, especially outside of sore throat lemon and honey and of the ginger tea benefits and the city area. Here are some of what is ginger tea good for and of the ginger tea recipe and the shots of what is lemon ginger tea good for and of Nepal I took during the ginger honey and the visit.