How to get your own website.

Some people who are not so tech savvy having a hard time to find out how to own a personal/profesional website. I wrote this post as basic guideline how is the procedure of building a website.

1. Domain name registration

You need to register your domain name . There are many place online you can register your domain name. But choosing the right one is very crucial. It is important to check how much they charge for the domain registration. The cheapest you can find on the net is $12 per year. You can register your domain name here Hostbig or Hostso. For Malaysian domain name with .my. You can register them with Exabyte (May require Malaysian company number to register).

2. Choosing Hosting space for your domain.

Hosting space usually charge different than the domain name and the charges is depending on how big is the space they provide on their packages. They usually will ask you during domain registration to include hosting space.

3. Designing your website.

Usually the domain name+hosting space is empty and require you to design and install/upload to your web host cpanel. If you don’t know how to create your own website, this is the part  where you need to find a web designer. Usually a web designer charge differently for the job and also depending on the type website you want to build. Flash base website is usually very nice but flash website currently not viewable in all idevices like ipad or iphone. Usually charge higher by designer for the designing work. If you are not sure which type of website base you want, you may ask your designer about it. Web designing charges usually start from RM3000 to RM10,000++ depending the type of website you want to build. If you have a webs designer friend would be much better.

4. Promoting your site.

 Once you website built done, you can now promote it by adding the web address to your email signature, facebook profile or twitter. You can consult with Search Engine Optimization  expert if you want to improve your website listing on a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

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