Will be active blogging again 2018   Recently updated !

Hello everyone, I’m changing this website into a blog style website now. Will try to update regularly on this website. I’m still trying to figure out the direction of this blog but ultimately it is a journey of discovering. Thank you for visiting my blog. In the mean time you […]

Sayap Station Kinabalu Park   Recently updated !

Recent trip with Jason, Ron & Gary at Sayap Station Kinabalu Park. It is the rarest visited part of the park. The station is about 27Km from Kota Belud Town at Sayap village. There were no accommodation at the location but has a good facilities for visitors. They rely on […]

Nepal Photo Trip honey lemon ginger tea   Recently updated !

Nepal is one of ginger honey and lemon and of the making ginger tea and the best place I ever visited. We travelled from Kathmandu to Chitwan then to Pokhara and after that back to Kathmandu. We were there before the honey tea recipe and the Earth Quake that destroyed […]

Hello 2015!   Recently updated !

It’s a new day of 2015 and another chapter of adventure to continue. Its new design for Jollence Lee Photography & Web design for 2015. 2014 was a quite a ride and a learning year. Last photography trip was to Nepal. The trip was amazing and we will try to […]

99 ways to make money from your photos   Recently updated !

  From the editors of the Photopreneur came out an e-book from them of a “99 ways to make money from your photos”. It is the most comprehensive e-book listing out a ways to make money from your photos. They describe it in detail on each of every ways to […]

ways to make money from your photos

Star Wars old photos behind the scene   Recently updated !

Peter Mayhew start posting the old photos of the Star Wars movie in a making on his twitter account. Peter also known for his acting as Chewbacca the hairy ape guy on the Star Wars movie. Sometimes the pressure of performing weighed heavy. Should I say “AWWWROOO” or “AARRAGH-ROOO? — […]

Photographing Borneo Reef World   Recently updated !

It is my first time visiting The Borneo Reef World pontoon where you can do underwater sea walking and snorkelling. it is located at Gaya island about 200 metres away from the beach floating.

Alarming Mobile phone Geo tagging.   Recently updated !

Mobile photo upload to social network is easy and faster now a day. One thing that most people didn’t realise is the Geo Tagging can be scary when the photo you took itself contain the location of where you took the photos. Watch this video..  

New Nissan Navara   Recently updated !

I recently commissioned to shoot the off road trial of the new Nissan Navara. The new vehicle was tested on Borneo’s rough terrain. Even the official photographer vehicle where I was in was also using the new Navara. Here is some of the shot taken during the trip. The route […]

Car mount Gopro camera   Recently updated !

I have been putting GoPro camera to many different angle and this time mounted on the windscreen.